New requirements for ENERGY STAR®-rated windows go into effect October 23, 2023, and Westlake Royal Window Solutions (Westlake Royal Windows), a Westlake company (NYSE:WLK), is ready to serve customers with a range of options across all three of its window collections. Under the ENERGY STAR Version 7.0 Residential Windows, Doors, and Skylights Final Specification, finalized October 20, 2022, windows, doors, and skylights must meet higher benchmarks of energy efficiency to earn the ENERGY STAR certification and label. This includes more stringent requirements for U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient ratings in each of the four ENERGY STAR climate zones and as well as adjustments to those zone boundaries.

Westlake Royal Windows offers several window and sliding glass door products that meet the new ENERGY STAR 7.0 requirements in the Southern, South-Central, and North-Central climate zones in which the company’s windows are sold. Qualifying products are available within all three of Westlake’s window collections—Magnolia™, Krestmark®, and Legacy™—and in standard, impact-resistant, and STC (Sound Transmission Class) grades.

“As the Department of Energy notes, windows account for just 10% of an average home’s surface area but lose 35% to 45% of a home’s heat in winter. Therefore, it’s essential that we continue to push the envelope with window and glass technology to help reduce energy waste while decreasing a home’s carbon footprint and energy costs,” said Alex Bradaran, general manager for Westlake Royal Window Solutions. “Westlake Royal Windows is pleased to offer an array of options certified under ENERGY STAR 7.0 through all four of our manufacturing facilities. As such, we have a solution to meet each customer’s and each project’s unique aesthetic, performance, and energy efficiency needs.”

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