When it comes to window and door trends, it’s not so much about what’s in and what’s out so much as what trends are continuing and what trends are emerging. Contemporary looks, for example, remain on our list in both color and style, and there’s no slowing down of homeowners’ desire for outdoor spaces that seamlessly flow from the interior. We’re also seeing technology infiltrate the window and door category more than ever, with fewer limitations for cost or connectivity.

Here’s a look at a few of the window and door trends catching our experts’ attention this year:

Dark window frames: Black window frames and other dark shades came on strong with the rise of the Modern Farmhouse look and haven’t faded from favor even as that home style slows. The sleek look is clean and crisp, suitable for modern and transitional homes. To get this aesthetic, try our Krestmark 250 Series with a dual finish—a black exterior and white interior—that provides the modern exterior look with a warmth indoors.

Indoor-outdoor connections: Another trend that’s not going away is the desire to create seamless transitions from indoors to out. This includes large sliding doors connecting to outdoor living spaces with similar flooring underfoot, as well as large expanses of windows in great rooms, bedrooms, and even home offices.

Window shapes: As the residential construction market tightens, we expect to see an uptick in unique window shapes and shape combinations, as builders look to differentiate their offerings. For example, these Legacy windows offer a gently arched top for a look that stands out but doesn’t feel out of place.Westlake Royal Building Products Legacy windowsZero-energy retrofits: In the U.S., homes account for 21% of energy consumption, according to the Dept. of Energy. As building pros and consumers look to reduce the carbon footprint of the residential built environment, zero-energy retrofits are gaining ground. Suitable for large remodels down to the studs, zero-energy retrofits update the home envelope and mechanical systems to be highly energy efficient, allowing renewable energy to provide what’s needed to fully power the home. Windows play a key role in these projects, with ever-growing options for dual- and triple-pane insulated units with low-E glass to lower the U-factor alongside high-performance flashing and building science-based integration with the rest of the wall system to prevent air leakage.

Smart locks and security: Home automation tools like Alexa and Google Home, among others, have brought security within easy reach of more homeowners. Keyless entry locks are a simple way to upgrade any entry door, with customized programming and connection to home control apps, while budget-friendly security systems like Ring offer window motion sensors as part of larger camera security packages.

Looking to embrace these trends? Check out our window lineup here.