Though style preferences and performance needs vary from region to region, home builders and remodelers are seeing some consistent window trends and demands from buyers around the country. Some are familiar (e.g., wide expanses of glass) while others are emerging (dark vinyls).

Here are a few window trends to consider as you weigh product options and advise clients.

Large Windows

Homeowners’ desire for indoor-outdoor connections is not abating, and attention to the benefits of natural light continue. This means architects and builders are increasingly specifying larger expanses of glass, either through full units or multiple units mulled together.

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Modern Designs

While there will always be a place for traditional styles and brick mold, streamlined looks are in hot demand. This is translating into flatter, more narrow frame profiles, which offer a clean appearance while also helping to preserve uninterrupted views. If your clients are loving this trend, check out the Krestmark 400 Series and Legacy 450 Series.

Expanding Color Offerings

Vinyl windows have typically stuck to neutrals—whites, creams, taupes. But consumers increasingly want color, and manufacturers are responding. New multi-layer laminate technology with heat and UV inhibitors is allowing for colors such as dark bronze or black to be used for vinyl windows without concern about excessive expansion and contraction. For example, the Krestmark 200-275 and 250 Series are now offered with a black exterior and white interior.  

Energy Efficiency

Homeowners are more in tune with energy savings than ever, and most are not willing to settle for cold panes of glass and condensation. Consider offering low-E and insulated glass as standard, with more robust options as upgrades. Be aware of how such options contribute to real-world energy savings so buyers understand their return on investment and can make an educated choice.

Window Replacement Remains Strong

Windows continue to be a top home improvement project. According to the 2020 U.S. Houzz & Home Study: Renovation Trends, windows/skylights were tied for the most common exterior building upgrade in 2019, alongside roofing and exterior paint. In addition, vinyl window replacement has one of the highest returns on investment, ranking sixth overall in recouped costs in the 2020 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report, with a 72.3% return. 

Ready to learn more about vinyl window options? Browse the Boral Windows product collections here.