Home design trends are always influenced by a number of factors, from shifting tastes and preferences to outside societal forces. And 2022 has been no exception. A number of high-level events and challenges—from the pandemic to material shortages—are impacting home design overall as well as what builders and consumers are looking for in their windows.

Here’s a look at the latest trends shaping the industry:

Fewer SKUs

Supply chain challenges and concerns about a housing slowdown are leading some production builders to reduce the number of product options while still offering an assortment that meet the needs of more homeowners. Westlake Royal Windows’ three product collections provide builders with tremendous versatility in selection without excess, allowing homebuyers to find what they need within their budget while avoiding a host of obscure options they likely don’t need.

Build for Rent

With inventory shortages, rising interest rates, and shifting preferences brought by the pandemic, an increasing number of consumers are looking for a single-family, suburban lifestyle without the lifetime commitment. Builders have been responding in droves with build for rent communities that look no different than traditional developments and neighborhoods. According to Hunter Housing Economics, Build for Rent starts are expected to hit 110,000-120,000 this year, up from 95,000 in 2021, and that number is likely to continue climbing over the next few years.

For these communities, choosing durable, timeless windows is important to accommodate the rental environment. Many of these homes may be converted to for-sale properties after a few years, so an enduring look and flawless appearance even after several years of renters will help preserve profits.

Windows With a View

Windows that allow in more light and views continue to be popular. In fact, with the dramatic shift to remote work, the need for ample daylight in the home is more critical than ever. Builders are achieving this in multiple ways, most notably with larger window units and casement units that allow for uninterrupted lines of sight. Narrow-line window frames are replacing the bulkier frames popular in the 2000s without sacrificing performance or durability. Advancing technology continues to push the limits on the size of glass available across price points.

Contemporary Looks and Black Window Frames

Driven in part by the Modern Farmhouse trend, black window frames also continue to trend, offering a sleek look perfect for modern or transitional homes. Homeowners are increasingly looking to contemporary styles: In the latest AIA Home Design Trends survey, 56% of architects indicated that interest among homeowners in contemporary design was increasing, versus 50% the year before.

The Krestmark 250 Series can be specified with a dual finish, with a black exterior and white interior, preserving the sleek exterior look homeowners crave with the warmer white interior.

(Image above courtesy @house_on_rockhill and @shaddockhomestx. Check out their Instagram feeds for more!)

Automated Hardware

Though still in its early stages for windows, smart technology is taking over nearly every aspect of the home. Door locks already are transitioning from keypads and touchpads to remote control via Alexa and Google Home and apps. New technologies are emerging that will allow homeowners to lock and unlock windows, check whether they’re open and closed, and even automate their operation at the residential level.

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