Black exterior window frames continue to top trend lists and homeowner wishlists, partially driven by the modern farmhouse movement. Black window frames are a perfect way to add a bolder, contemporary touch to the exterior without veering too modern or out of character.

Along with tastes and preferences, one reason for this trend is simply because materials now allow it to happen. For a long time, black window frames were relegated to only the priciest of windows, with expensive, high-tech coatings that prevented heat absorption and fading. Darker colors of more affordable windows like vinyl weren’t an option because the frame material would absorb too much heat, leading to warping or distortion.

But thanks to new laminate technologies, darker colors—including sought-after black—are in reach for vinyl windows. A laminate adds an additional, thin layer to the exterior of the window frame; UV inhibitors in the laminate prevent heat absorption. In addition, the laminate is more durable and scratch resistant than if the window frame were painted.

Boral Windows’ Krestmark 200-275 and 250 series windows are available with a black exterior laminate. The dual-sided products feature a white interior, ensuring that the home doesn’t feel too dark inside while delivering the sought-after look on the outside.

Boral Windows, Krestmark, black window frames

Krestmark 200-275 windows feature a smooth beveled exterior profile for a bold appearance; block and tackle balances for smooth operation; and an integral pre-punched nail fin for added strength, a weather tight barrier, and ease of installation.

Krestmark 250 Series windows offer multi-point locking hardware; fusion-welded corners in the frame and sash add strength and virtually eliminate air and water infiltration. To create larger expanses of glass, combine single, twin, and triple casements, awnings, picture combinations, 1/4 and 1/2 rounds, arches, and eyebrows.

Both series boast a multi-chambered, extruded vinyl frame and sash for stability, strength, thermal resistance, and low maintenance; argon gas fill for increased energy efficiency; and a selection of glass options.